Your Mob is Our Mob

5 June 2019

Your Mob is Our Mob

An important part of the Aboriginal ownership of Youpla was creating a new brand and name to show the strength of the company moving forward for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

When Isaac was visiting a community in North Queensland last year, a Torres Strait Islander man asked what the company was about. As Isaac was explaining it to him and how the service is not just for the individual, but the whole family and wider community, the man said ‘Youpla, it’s for all of us, my mob is your mob’.

‘Youpla’ is a commonly used Indigenous creole term to refer to a like-minded
group of friends and family coming together to protect each other.

Graphic Artist Dan Richards from Kit Kreative brought our vision to life. Dan grew up in a remote community in Papua New Guinea and was immediately familiar with the term ‘Youpla’.

He said the new brand is representative of the experienced and trusted team of people that is, Youpla.

“Its professionalism as a business but its connection to culture and people.

“With the spread of ability and cultural connection it is apparent through the meetings that the team is a strong one that is focused on providing a service to guide and provide confidence to the people in the communities through ‘sad news or sorry business’.”

“Above all, there is a focus on the people and communities which is at the centre. Their cultural understanding is key to providing a positive and authentic experience.”

Dan said.

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