Streamlining Member Services

26 November 2019

Streamlining Member Services

A key initiative under Bryn and Isaac’s direction was to update the company’s computer system. They worked with computer scientist Herman, who was tasked with the challenge of migrating a 25-year-old paper based company into a fully automated end-to-end customer system.

“What this now means is Youpla has a fully automated end to end system, which allows the customer service team to spend more quality time with our members when they call,” Herman said. 

“To put it into context, for a company that is 25 years old your phone probably has more capacity and processing power than a bank computer would 25 years ago.”

Creating the new computer system for the management of the new member database was no simple task. There were different legacy systems with different levels of maturity, which I had to create into one single system. It makes it much easier when the communication is fully automated.

“This means our staff are not having to follow up items such as when a debit card is about to expire, it’s all automatic in the background.

So the Youpla team can give more quality time to the customers and deal with the real issues some members may have from time to time,”

Hermam said.

Isaac Simon said an important part of the project has been highlighting to members to ensure their details are up to date, including mobile numbers and email addresses are provided.

Youpla Executive Director Isaac Simon

“Youpla is then able to contact you a lot quicker if we have all your contact details up to date, rather than relying solely on traditional forms such as posting you a letter in the mail. This gives our members every opportunity to receive correspondence from us regarding their funeral plan,”

Isaac said.
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