Meet Daniela

21 September 2019

Meet Daniela

Daniela joined the Youpla team in December last year as a graphic designer. She recently completed a diploma with Billy Blue College of Design in Brisbane and is keen to use her skills to assist Youpla with design, marketing and digital communications.

“I love everything about art so graphic design was a natural career choice. It allows me to combine my illustration and branding skills.”

Daniela grew up in Peru, South America and said her culture has many similarities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

“We’re very family orientated like Indigenous Australians. Growing up, I would always spend time with my family; my grandparents lived around the corner, as well as my cousins. We would gather every Sunday. Family kinship is very important.

“As a foreigner to Australia all we ever learnt about was vegemite and kangaroos. I have really enjoyed learning about Australia from a First Nations perspective with the guidance and training I have received from Isaac and our members.”

Daniela said she has also enjoyed learning more about the art style of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

“I have worked on many projects of digitalising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art pieces for Youpla and I am amazed every time by the detail and intricacies of the pieces.

“I also love the different colours. Our Inca culture uses many similar colours and styles.”

Daniela was also recently recognised for her work with a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific shirt design company, Kultural Design, winning an award from Adobe for developing the new company logo.